Environmentally Safe & Organic Dry Cleaning

Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning

Chase Cleaners Offers Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning

Has this ever happened to you? You drop off your dry cleaning and you are looking forward to getting your clothes taken care of without you having to worry. You drop them off with your local cleaner that you trust and you think it is just a matter of days that you will need to come back and pick them up. When you do pick them up they have an odor to them, and you ask the cleaners why. Once they explain the process to you are surprised, but is this the way dry cleaning will always be? It doesn’t have to stay this way, and that is why Chase Cleaners chooses to focus on environmentally safe dry cleaning.

Why Chase Cleaners Inc.?

Have you ever wondered why so many people choose to work with Chase Cleaners Inc.? It is a no brainer once you can see the great service that we provide as well as the offers that we provide to our customers. We are able to attract and retain business through our friend and expert customer service, but we are also driving business by providing our customers with coupons.

We don’t believe that you as the customer should have to work to get a good deal, and this is just one of the small reasons that Chase Cleaners Inc. provides coupons online to customers and makes them aware of specials when they bring their dry cleaning in. No matter where you are you should check to make sure that there is a Chase Cleaners Inc. in your area before you entrust your dry cleaning to anyone else.

We also know that having someone care for your clothing by professional standards is critical to whether or not you choose to continue to do business with us. This is why we have chosen to use Sanitone which is an environmentally safe system used to clean your clothes. Our environmentally safe dry cleaning is just one more reason that we are better than the rest, and will continue to earn your business.

Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning Makes a Difference

Did you know that we can all make a difference by using environmentally safe dry cleaning through the Sanitone system and our hanger recycling program? This means that your clothes get cleaned with fewer chemicals, and by recycling hangers we have the ability to prevent so many hangers from ending up in landfills. This means that we are being kinder to the earth and we are able to re-use our natural sources without having to buy more supplies or use more materials that we don’t need.

This is how we promote going green, and we will continue to use this program now and into the future. Return your hangers to Chase Cleaners so that we can prevent the landfills from piling up, and we can conserve our resources to trim our budgets. You can learn more about our program and what we do when you visit us at www.chasecleanersinc.com.

Organic Dry Cleaning

Most people know that making a change to environmentally safe usually means using products that are safer for them as well. Organic and green systems are not only safer for the environment. Typically, they are better for the person who uses them since the materials aren’t created from harsher chemicals. This is particularly important when it involves something that is around an individual all day. Clothes washed in a detergent free of harsh chemicals and the use of organic dry cleaning methods help to remove some the risk to not only the environment, but also the person wearing the clothing. Not all shops offer customers organic dry cleaning, so it might be necessary to do a little shopping around.

Finding dry cleaners featuring organic methods can involve a little looking around, but this is well worth the effort. Organic dry cleaning is a healthier alternative. Most people notice when they return home from the dry cleaners that there is a strong smell emanating from the garment bag. This smell comes from the strong chemicals used in some dry cleaning methods. Common complaints from those who daily wear clothing that requires a dry cleaning process are headaches, nausea, dizziness, rashes, and irritations of the eyes, nose, and throat. It’s easy to tell just from the smell this isn’t a natural process.

Some drying cleaning products are classified as hazardous air contaminants by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In fact, some products referred to, as Perc or perchloroethylene must be handled as hazardous waste. The cleaners using this chemical must take special precautions to keep this chemical from getting into the drinking water. Unlike organic dry cleaning, this type of process also contributes to smog. Using organic dry cleaning is safer for the community.

In an organic dry cleaning process solvents are used that are of high quality and that clean clothes thoroughly, but that free of residues and stray dyes. For the cleaner it means less hazardous waste, and for the consumer there is less of the toxic smell left on clothing. There is no special dry cleaning equipment needed for this process so organic dry cleaning allows a store to remain competitive in prices. Along with a strong smell, harsher methods of dry cleaning also frequently leave a garment feeling stiffer against the skin. The organic process leaves a softer feel to the clothing.

Some organic dry cleaning alternatives require a store or chain to become a licensee. It is possible to ask ahead of time if a store has a license or if they are using an organic dry cleaning method. Some like Chase Cleaners Inc. make the search much easier by clarifying right on their website their organic dry cleaning alternative method. Using a method that is environmentally friendly has the added benefit of being more healthy. Organic methods also typically yield better results in less of an odor and more comfortable feel. Anyone interested in safe guarding their health and their neighbor from harsh chemicals should always check for organic possibilities.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning

  • Cleans your clothes gently and completely without any harsh toxic chemicals, which can harm you, your fabrics and our environment.
  • Makes your clothes and other fabrics last longer, look sharper and feel softer, smoother and more comfortable on your skin. And, there’s no toxic chemical residue or smell
  • Helps preserve and protect the lasting quality, appearance and value of your fabrics by naturally removing even the most stubborn dirt and stains without damaging the sheen, color or texture of the fibers.

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