About Us

Our Vision is

To create a means by which people can look and feel their best.

Our Mission is

To provide our customers with unparalleled quality and satisfaction as we pursue our commitment to restoring and delivering garments and household items to conditions beyond customer expectations.

Guiding Values & Beliefs

Our guiding values are committed to success based upon hard work, ethical decision making, fair pricing, good moral behavior, and respect for the individuals with whom we interact. Chase Cleaners is dedicated and committed to promoting a healthy and clean environment.

We Give Back

Chase Cleaners proudly contributes to the communities we serve. We are presently involved in fundraising activities for schools and churches.

Chase Cleaners Awards

Awarded Best Dry Cleaner in Tustin by Tustin Magazine 

About Chase Dry Cleaners

Chase is your finest dry cleaner in the neighborhood. We’ve been around for quite some time now and think we know a thing or two about how to run a successful dry cleaner operation. What we’ve concluded is that there is a three-part formula to our success; we’d like to share it with you, our valued customer.

First, we don’t charge more than we have to. Here at Chase, we charge a reasonable, fair amount to get your garments (and sometimes non-garments) done in short order. We won’t inflate artificially our prices just because it helps us in the short term to offset other stresses this last recession of ours has caused. We know there are many dry cleaner stores from which to choose and will bend over backwards to ensure that you choose ours over and over and over again. That means you can be sure we won’t charge you an arm and a leg.

Second, our turnaround time is short. It’s not every dry cleaner that can boast about having a minimal turnaround time. But we can, and we’re proud to. We don’t think you should have to wait weeks on end to get your wedding gown taken care of, or have that special comforter your grandmother made for you by hand cleaned as gently as possible. We can’t compete with another dry cleaner unless we work more efficiently. That’s why you can trust that when you drop off your special belongings. You can expect to pick them up in perfect shape just a short while later. It’s that simple.

Third, our customer service simply can’t be beat. It’s not every dry cleaner that greets you with a warm smile, attends to your every need, answers your every question (even the obscure ones) and asks you how we can improve ourselves. We do, though, and regularly, we might add. We’re interested not just in getting your business once or twice, but also for a lifetime. We treat every client like a potential lifelong partner. We don’t believe in taking you for granted. Not for one transaction and not for one moment.

We think you should try us out and make sure that we are the dry cleaner we say we are. Bring in your wedding gown to get cleaned, or the dress you’ll soon wear as a Maid of Honor to get tailored. Bring in anything you like. When you come into one of our dry cleaner stores, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much we’re willing to invest in you. We will go out of our way to ensure that you feel like the valued customer that we know you are.

Just a little while later when you come back to pick up your garments, you’ll feel great about how little you paid, how well you were treated and about seriously we take our commitment to you. Try Chase Dry Cleaners today. You won’t regret it a bit.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning

  • Cleans your clothes gently and completely without any harsh toxic chemicals, which can harm you, your fabrics and our environment.
  • Makes your clothes and other fabrics last longer, look sharper and feel softer, smoother and more comfortable on your skin. And, there’s no toxic chemical residue or smell
  • Helps preserve and protect the lasting quality, appearance and value of your fabrics by naturally removing even the most stubborn dirt and stains without damaging the sheen, color or texture of the fibers.

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